LATEST PRODUCT LISTINGS: 5 Tons Biomass in Italy 5.4% CBD 0.2% —— 25 KG EU Produce Isolate In The UK —– Feminized CBD Seeds Available In Switzerland —– CBD Biomass 10 Tons 6.6% CBD —— THC Free Distillate 2,XXXX per KG

Latest Product Listings

3,32% CBD / 0,11 THC Hemp Biomass (40T)

Location : Lithuania
Quantity : 40 Tons
CBD : 3.7%
THC : 0.11%
PIN : HME1018

Price: €2.2


7,5% CBD Biomass

Location : Greece
Quantity : 15 Tons
CBD : 7.5%
THC : 0.3%
PIN : HME1017

Price: €2



Location : Greece
Quantity : 2 Tons
CBD : 4%
THC : 0.05%
PIN : HME1016

Price: €16


3,7% CBD Hemp Flower Biomass

Location : N.E. Europe
Quantity : 20 Tons
CBD : 3,7%
THC : <0.1%
PIN : HME1015

Price: €2.5



European Region CBD Products

(Our pricing table is currently only representative of a small sample size and is for information purposes only. Actual traded prices could vary significantly from this data and no warranties are given to the accuracy of the data below, please contact us for more information.)

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European Region Products Units Market Price Low High
4% + CBD Biomass < 1 ton CBD / Per % / KG €3 €2.75 €3.1
4% + CBD Biomass > 1 ton CBD / Per % / KG €2.75 €2.5 €3
CBD Biomass - Pharma Grade (GACP) CBD / Per % / KG €3.6 €3.3 €3.9
CBD Flower kilogram €275 €250 €300
CBD Seeds (Feminized) each €0.3 €0.3 €0.5
CBD Distillate - Full Spectrum kilogram €2100 €2000 €2400
CBD Distillate - Broad Spectrum kilogram €3000 €2800 €3200
CBD Distillate - THC Free kilogram €4100 €3800 €4400
CBD Isolate (GMP, HACCP) kilogram €1500 €1000 €2200
CBD Isolate - Pharma Grade kilogram €5500 €4500 €6000
CBD Isolate (Non GMP / Cosmetics) kilogram €800 €700 €1000
CBD Biomass Under 4% CBD CBD / Per % / KG €2 €1.5 €2.2

European Region CBG Products

European Region CBG Products Units Market Price Low High
CBG Biomass CBG / Per % / KG €5 €4 €9
CBG Isolate kilogram €9000 €8000 €12000

European Region Extraction Services

European Region Extraction Services Units Market Price Low High
Biomass to Isolate Ton €18000 €16000 €20000
Biomass to Crude Extract Ton €8000 €7000 €8200
Biomass to Distillate Ton €22000 €18000 €24000
Biomass to THC Free Distillate Ton €28000 €26900 €33000
Crude Extract to Distillate / Isolate Ton €9000 €7000 €11000

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