Germany – Ukraine. Ivan Gromikov’s forecast

We all well understand what kind of football should be expected from the team of Mikhail Fomenko. The national team of Ukraine passed the qualifying cycle not without problems, making the main bet for reliability. Perhaps someone was struck by the performance of friendly matches, but Fomenko is not the coach who will give up his style, which has so far brought him more or less decent results. At the Euro there is a completely different level of responsibility, and it is better to forget about what happened in the friendly game with the Romanians. After all, Romania demonstrated this in their first match.

At the same time, I’m not sure that the first fight of the Ukrainians will be “grassroots”. And it is appropriate to draw parallels with the same game between France and Romania. The hosts, like the German national team, have defensive problems, and Fomenko’s team will have the opportunity to score. Remember both fights against the Spaniards in the tackle. Yes, Ukraine did not score, but it could have done it more than once – first of all, because in such matches there is no usual pressure over our coaching staff and footballers.

But the historical failure of Ukrainians to upset the grandees suggests that this may not be enough. I think Ukraine will be able to score in its first game, but the world champions don’t care get a winning result. Bet Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. “Germany win and goals of both teams” for 3.75 seems adequate to me – I propose to play this particular variation.