How To Level Your Yard

If you get an overly large amount of rain, on the other hand, then your grass could be dying because it is too hydrated. Try fertilizer if it is too wet, and water it often if it is too dry. Check the level of your lawn with a wooden lumber and level. Once the soil is settled after you top-dress your lawn, lay a 2 in × 4 in (5.1 cm × 10.2 cm) lumber, as long as possible, across the area you flattened. Set a level on top of the lumber to see if the lawn is flat. Make sure the bubble is in the center of the tube on your level.

This tool should be dragged along the water’s bottom, and the growth will be pulled out to the edge for easy removal. Highly recommended if you don’t have any kids around begging for their allowance. This rake allows you to move and scoop the leaves in one motion, making it very easy to fill up the yard waste bin or wheelbarrow. Garden rakes may be easily confused with landscape and tarmac rakes. Landscape rakes look similar but have a wider head and are intended for bigger jobs, such as smoothing out the infield on a baseball diamond. Tarmac rakes are for heavy-duty jobs like moving asphalt and gravel.

Lawn Care Doesnt Stop There!

When you reach the other end of your lawn, turn the roller around and start a new strip that slightly overlaps the first one. Keep working across your lawn until you’ve rolled it completely. Roll your lawn once a year to avoid over-compacting your soil.

lawn leveling rake

This model copes well with lawns planted with almost any type of grass, from Bermuda to Ryegrass and Fescue. However, for best results, the manufacturer recommends cutting the grass to 1.5 inches or less. It is important to keep in mind if you are going to enrich your yard soil by sprinkling fertilizer on it. Such a rake is convenient to use even for tall people. However, if necessary, you can remove one of the sections and shorten the handle by a third. Don’t think that a foldable handle isn’t the best option.

What Happens If I Dont Rake My Leaves?

If areas of the lawn have more moderate uneven with low areas and higher spots, you need work to bring it back in an even state. When the slope is created, begin to get rid of the topsoil from the problem spots. Start adjusting the subsoil by filling low areas, and remove high areas. This is to create a slope line for the lawn to drain properly. You can use the push broom to work the top dressing into the area and grass blades.

  • Over the low spot, smooth the soil mixture evenly using your hand rake.
  • The first step is to identify the cause of the uneven terrain, only then can you decide on the best treatment for a long-term solution.
  • Use our power rake to help cut in sod, break up lumps of dirt and even grade topsoil on existing lawns.
  • Long days raking, especially when the weather is poor, can result in you losing your grip on your rake.
  • If you only have minor uneven lawn areas where the depressions aren’t too deep, you can solve the problem by using a top dressing soil mixture.
  • They are great to use in the fall for raking up piles of leaves and can also easily tackle grass clippings in the yard as well.
  • Till the topsoil into the first 2-inches of subsoil.
  • I have explained the fundamental features in addition to the pros and cons of each model.
  • The best way of telling if it will meet your expectations is to peruse the reviews left by past buyers on the website.

These shorter rakes with a rope can be thrown into the lake or pond and then pulled back to shore, dragging algae and weeds with them. Now that you’ve mowed your lawn pretty close to the ground, you can examine how much thatch has accumulated over time. Thatch is a layer of dead vegetation, earth, twigs and other types of debris located on the ground below your grass. A quarter to half an inch of thatch is okay, but anything more than that amount will prevent the grass from obtaining nutrients, water or oxygen. If you decide you need to dethatch, remove it by running a thatch rake over the surface to pull it up. Check out Why Dethatching and Aeration Matter for more information.

Head Width

Certain areas of your lawn may start to become uneven over time due to a variety of reasons including settling or poor drainage issues. There are actually many benefits that come from leveling your lawn—it doesn’t to mean you need to rip everything up. In fact, you can simply apply a layer of top dressing to your lawn to even out its surface in most cases.

A sprinkler system is a common culprit for erosion since the water lines are prone to damage and the whole system requires regular maintenance. To work up a new grade, respread the soil you ‘skimmed off’ or add topsoil from a different source. It is equipped with a 28-gallon drum, and thus it is lightweight enough to get pushed through the yard, particularly in the hard-to-reach areas. The roller is also rugged enough to be towed by a lawn tractor.

Lawn Rakes

What is better than relaxing in your backyard with your first morning cup of tea? The first step is to identify the cause of the uneven terrain, only then can you decide on the best treatment for a long-term solution. If you try to fix the problem without first identifying the cause, you may be wasting your time when the bump or valley returns.

lawn leveling rake

Lawn leveling may prevent major problems, although it isn’t the most glamorous of tasks. It is possible to level a backyard, so long as you make sure no water ends up running toward your home’s foundations. No matter what the reason, you need to get this land grading project done right to prevent water running toward your home.

I enjoy writing reviews of many products and about gardening to give better experiences and accurate information. Use your push broom to work the top dressing into the grass blades and the area. You can be sure that there not a lot of heavy labor and low cost. Do this project right after heavy rain if possible.

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I have holes on one side that my foot sinks into it, I mow the lawn and pushing my mower I feel like I’m in a four wheeler. Lawn rakes are sometimes called leaf rakes or spring tine rakes since they can be used in the gathering of leaves as well. Nevertheless, they tend to be more versatile compared to leaf rakes. They also offer more flexibility, especially when used on uneven ground. Running or walking across all those lumps and bumps can be dangerous, especially for kids. Delve into the reasons for the lumps and then learn how to level a yard to avoid potential injuries.

During that time, rakes were used to harvest grain and hay and clear the fields of refuse. Over time, China’s citizens began to use the rake as a weapon. Farmers needed to be able to defend themselves but were forbidden to use weapons that were meant for the upper classes. The “yueyachan”, is known to be the oldest weapon-like rake, used mainly by travelers. However, there are similar designs that date back to the 16th century and beyond. In fact, we know that rakes were commonplace in ancient times because they are featured on scrolls and walls in Egypt.

Pass over the lawn a second time with the aerator, only this time go at an angle to the first. For example, if you aerated from north to south the first time, aerate from east to west the second. If you aerated your lawn last year, skip this step. We show you the tips and tracks to get it done right, 1st time with equipment you already have. For proper rolling, you will have to know the exact procedure. Then, you can roll out the grass lawn without any problems.

Kevin Fogle is a freelance photographer and author based in South Carolina who covers gardening, nature, sustainable farming, and local foods and beers. Growing up in the nursery business spurred his passion for unusual plants, the insect world and anything edible. Kevin maintains a small urban front-yard garden, growing a range of conventional and heirloom crops.

Its short handle gives you ultimate control of where the tines touch. However, some customers had difficulty assembling the rake and complained that the holes in the head didn’t align with the side brackets or pole. We liked that the rubber gripping went several inches down the handle because that allowed it to accommodate larger hands.

Leveling Out An Uneven Lawn

Sometimes, drainage problems or damaged pipes could cause your lawn to be uneven. Look for areas where water pools near pipes and hire a professional to come inspect them if you suspect that they’re broken or damaged. Remove grass from large bumps if they aren’t flattened the first time. Walk over your lawn after you’ve rolled it to see if there are still any mounds left. If there are, use a shovel to dig them out since they won’t flatten with a roller.

If you want to prepare gardening beds, you may want a specialized rake like a hand or thatch rake. This type of rake removes the layer of organic material between your lawn and the soil’s lawn leveling rake surface, also known as thatch. Thatch rakes have sharp metal tines or blades that can be used to break up thatch. This bow rake has short metal tines attached to its wide head.

Visit us today for the widest range of Garden Tools products. The home and garden industry is estimated to be worth approximately 296 billion dollars. This means that homeowners are always searching for tools that can help them with improving their home.

lawn leveling rake

These cycles can cause soil to heave and become bumpy and uneven. In Spring, bumps often appear as clay soil thaws unevenly. It can heave and create ripples in your lawn like a bunched-up carpet. If you have a lawn, you must have a lawn leveling rake.

If it isn’t, then fill in your lawn with more top-dressing. Do not try to level your lawn if you suspect and underlying issues. Having the right rakes and other tools in your arsenal not only makes for more beautiful yards and gardens, but it also makes the job more enjoyable. Replace the repaired areas with the removed sod or new sod, making sure the roots have good soil contact.

It is convenient to take such a tool with you, as it will easily fit into any car. The American Standard Golf Company has a century of history and specializes primarily in the production of golf equipment and golf course maintenance tools. Therefore, you can rest assured of the quality and reliability of the Standard Golf Levelawn. Whether you need to level a large sports ground or small lawn in your garden, this tool does the job well.

These rakes do tend to be a little heavier than rakes made of other materials, but that is a trade-off that many people find acceptable since the rakes are so strong. Wood handles are very common for rakes, and most homeowners will buy rakes made of wood. They are generally fairly lightweight and as long as the rake is taken care of, will last for a long time.

These include Bluegrass, Bermuda, Kentucky, Ryegrass, and Fescue. It functions optimally when the grass is cut to around 1.5 inches or less. The tool is made of stainless steel using double spot welding made of stainless steel that prevents the item from tarnishing. Expect to pay three or four times more for a well-crafted rake than you would for a low-grade hardware store rake. The upside to the high costs is that, when well-cared for, these tools truly are lasting and can even be passed down to the next generation of farmers and gardeners. Whether you’re breaking up soil, removing rocks or piling up leaves, selecting the proper rake will help you finish the task more efficiently.

However, it lost more points for ergonomics because it was wider and heavier than other rakes we tested. I was looking for information on how to level the lawn by hand and I think the knowledge I obtained willl go a long way. I told them it needs to be “leveled” and that’s a sin.

lawn leveling rake

It also helps to prevent serious damage to the foundation and saves the owner from incurring sizable repair costs. Jeremy Yamaguchi is a Lawn Care Specialist and the Founder/CEO of Lawn Love, a digital marketplace for lawn care and gardening services. Jeremy provides instant satellite quotes and can coordinate service from a smartphone or web browser. The company has raised funding from notable investors like Y Combinator, Joe Montana, Alexis Ohanian, Barbara Corcoran and others. Spring is usually the right time for rolling a lawn because the grass is refreshing itself after its winter rest.

If you own a lawn tractor, you can smooth out any higher spots by attaching something like a wooden pallet to its back and dragging it over the areas. Otherwise, you can smooth the areas level by using a garden rake and shovel, working the area until its all the same height. This also helps removes any thatch buildup that makes air, water and nutrients difficult to reaching the turfgrass root system. attach to skid steers, compact track loaders and compact wheel loaders and are designed for land clearing, ground leveling and moving materials from one area to another.