Market Data

Getting access to up-to-date pricing data on European Union hemp products has been a challenge for everyone involved in the industry. At Hemp Markets Europe, we aim to provide current market data based on two data sources: A) collecting data anonymously from buyers and sellers in Europe after transactions have been completed B) collecting data from product listings and transactions that happen through our website.

Hemp Markets Europe continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our customers and clients have in us.

Our mission

At Hemp Markets Europe we aim to:

  • Provide an independent source of accurate hemp pricing data
  • Provide a digital platform for wholesalers, retailers and product manufacturers to trade products
  • Assist customers in product transactions as needed
  • Provide independent analytical testing
  • Provide independent legal and banking advice to assist transactions
  • Assist with product delivery and customs clearance
  • Make our customers aware of regulatory frameworks
  • Provide regular news of European pricing trends
how can we help you?

Contact us at Hemp Markets Europe if you want to discuss our data or listing products.

Do you have hemp market pricing data to share confidentially?