About Us

Hemp Markets Europe was created initially to provide a trusted, independent source of data for hemp product buyers and sellers to use as a benchmark or guide for there product pricing.

Our parent company is involved in hemp cultivation and we had a very difficult time establishing a fair price for our biomass and extracted products especially when looking at futures contracts. How do you agree a fair price for a product that will be delivered in 6 months time, especially with the volatility shown in many hemp product sectors.

So Hemp Markets Europe was created to provide a reference point for buyers and sellers in Europe. We had been using a similar site for pricing in the US but obviously their market is quite different to Europe’s so using their data as a benchmark did not make sense.

As the site developed and we built up our database of hemp product suppliers, it became an obvious extension of our business to start listing their products for sale. So along with market data we need provide an online market place.

how can we help you?

Contact us at Hemp Markets Europe if you want to discuss our data or listing products.

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