Our staff, external consultants and wide network have vast experience in cultivation, extraction and product manufacturing. We can provide a range of consultancy services based in individual requirements.

CBD Seeds

Seed Selection

Sourcing EU Certified Hemp Seeds
Through our network of contacts we are able to assist cultivators with CBD and CBG seed procurement. Working with EU certified hemp seeds from the approved database, we can assist with seed selection, growing methods, row and interval spacing based on climate, soil and other conditions.

Hemp Cultivation

Cultivating CBD-rich hemp plants
We have vast experience in hemp cultivation with 1000's of hectares grown to date. We can assist with cultivation methods for high CBD production or traditional industrial hemp. We include weather patterns, climate, crop orientation, irrigation design and implementation and row and interval spacing.

Organic Pest Control

Heart Transplant Monitoring Technology
Charlotte, NC
Strategic partnerships allow companies to expand and specialize without limitations. Instead of spending a lot of money and time perfecting a new thing, we prefer to perfect our own services and call in the experts for other tasks when needed. We are the best financial consultants for our clients.


Perfect Germination Environments
Our consultants are vastly experience in seed germination, both indoor and outdoor to ensure that seed germination is optimized and plant stability is maximized for the growing conditions.

Greenhouse Construction/Operation

Design, Construction, Operation, Management
We have now designed multiple greenhouse facilities, for germination, plant growth or both. Using the latest technologies on table design, irrigation systems, climate control, germination rooms we can design or modify any facility to be world class.

Solvent Extraction

Design, Build, Operate and Tolling
We have experience in solvent extraction systems, for both commercial equipment purchase and tolling arrangements with third parties.
CBD Extraction Method Explained Supercritical

Co2 Extraction

Design, Build, Operate and Tolling
We have experience in Supercritical Co2 extraction systems, for both commercial equipment purchase and tolling arrangements with third parties.


Short Path Distillation, Isolation and Chromatography
Our consultants have vast experience in distillation and separation. We can assist with equipment purchase, installation and operation. We also have access to tolling arrangements within Europe.
CBD Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing

Clean Rooms, Bottling, Labeling, Packaging
We can provide consultancy on the establishment of a product manufacturing facility for hemp based products. Including facility design,equipment specifications and product specifications.

Research and Development

Process Optimization, Product Testing
We work closely with a number of Europe's leading education establishments and can provide access to R&D projects in agronomy and chemical processes.

Regulatory Issues

Contracts, Import/Export, Legal Frameworks, Novel Food, Cultivation Permits
Our legal partners across Europe are vastly experienced in working with legal hemp products and can provide advice and advisory notes on the legal framework surrounding the hemp industry and information on various hemp specific regulations and permits.

Sales And Marketing

Online retail, social media google rankings, payment gateways
We have developed several online sales portals ranked on the front page of google, used e-commerce platforms and purpose built websites. We also have experience in using social media and digital advertising for product marketing.


Candidate selection, hiring process
We work with a number of hemp specific recruitment companies in Europe that specialize in recruiting staff for all aspects of the legal hemp industry.
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